вторник, 25 января 2011 г.

10 принципов при запуске новой компании

Upstarta Principles

1. Neither a borrower nor a lender be (ref:Polonius): no credit or external funding.
2. Work on the basis of a 0 budget.
3. Have a flexible business plan designed to explore, learn and adapt.
4. Pragmatic on Intellectual Property (IP): speed-to-market over protection. Share information. No software patents.
5. Put profitability before growth.
6. Set sensible and reasonable prices, not try to extract maximum $ per customer.
7. Be different, disruptive, extraordinary: it makes no sense to sell the same as everyone else.
8. Eliminate/minimise impact to environment.
9. Focus on people (internal and external), prevent stress.
10. No spam. Not if you call it “email blast” either. Newsletter for clients is fine.

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